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Secure Online Backup
Our online backup solution uses the same level of security that the top banks in the financial industry utilize for safe online banking. Your files are stored offsite in mirrored data centers. Online backup works automatically, backing up modified files every day. By cutting out manual steps, we remove the possibility of human error and equipment failure. Our online backup solution offers the crucial protection you need to ensure the continuity of your business. Even if your company suffers a flood, fire, or break in, you can be sure that your data is safe.
Anti-Virus - Internet Security
Protect yourself from virus and malware attacks with our fully managed anti-virus service. Powered by AVG, one of the biggest names in anti-virus protection, our system can keep you and your business secure for only pennies a day.
Content Filtering
Controlling how the internet is used in your business can help increase productivity and ensure that your sensitive data is kept out of harm's way. Our content filtering service puts you in the driver's seat on the information superhighway.

Server Managment
No need to have an IT person come out just to add a user account or change a security policy. We can take care of your servers remotely.

Email Encryption
Encrypted email reduces the need for sender/recipient authentication by automatically encrypting all inbox–to-inbox communication through a cloud-based, secure network to more easily comply with industry regulations (HIPAA) and protect sensitive information.

Email Archive
Archives emails for 60 days with one plan, indefinitely with another. Retrieve any email on demand. No more business interruptions due to lost emails because of system failures or other disasters

Anti Spam
Eliminates unlisted inbound emails and helps block outbound emails that unknowingly contain spam or viruses. This protects you from inadvertently spamming your contacts.

Content Filtering
Limits access to Internet social networking, searching and shopping to company approved times. And, because less bandwidth is absorbed by personal use, that means more speed for business tasks. Also, this service prevents users from bringing security risks into the business by automatically stopping access to sites known to deliver spyware, malware and other threats.

Service Monthly Fee
AVG Anti Virus $2.30 per user (never any renewal fees)
AVG Online Backup $12.00 first 25GB
$11.00 second 25GB
$10.00 each addtional 25GB
AVG Email Encryption $8.50 per user HIPAA Compliant
AVG Email Archive $6.30 per user, stored 7 years HIPAA Compliant
AVG Email Archive Lite $2.00 per user, stored 60 days
AVG Anti Spam $1.25 per user
AVG Content Filtering $1.25 per user
Prices are based on 1-5 five users, for a quote on your specific needs click on the "Get a Quote" link in the sidebar of this page.