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Tracking Clients
Managing client information is easy with the right tools. With EasySA, everything you need to know about clients is at your fingertips; from hours remaining to balance due. Tracking clients by attorney or court officer lets you keep these colleagues properly informed about the progress of their referrals, building a better working relationship for everyone.
Reporting is a snap with EasySA! Predefined reports to meet all your state auditing needs and more. You’ll have the tools to monitor all the important information about your practice. Important information about clients who are failing to meet requirements can be in your hands in time to take proper action. In addition to providing better care and increasing the chances of success for clients, you'll also improve your bottom line, saving thousands of dollars of revenue that might otherwise have been lost.
Our unique schedule generation tool lets you easily set up months of group sessions in minutes. With just a few clicks, you design your weekly template, choose a rotation of topics, select a range of dates and you’re done. The scheduling module accommodates both individual and group sessions, allowing you to leverage the time and effort of your personnel. It’s also easy to make changes to existing schedules, giving you a level of flexibility that translates directly into more responsive treatment and quicker progress for your clients.
EasySA can be configured to run over broadband internet connections, allowing widely separated users to share a common database. This is a perfect solution for fieldwork.
Bilingual Functionality
You can maintain treatment plans and services notes in both English and Spanish.